Electric doors are the way to go, in modern times we’ve found ourselves making health and safety our highest priority. This means we want to be pushing and pulling doors as little as possible, if at all! Therefore, here at Label, our NEPTIS 2 automatic swinging doors are perfect for environments that encounter a lot of footfall.


Perfect for hospitals, healthcare, care homes or for elderly and disabled facilities. The Label NEPTIS 2 automatic swinging doors feature a newly designed flat spring improving reliability, wear, and continued usage. Uniquely the NEPTIS 2 powers the door open and shut as standard with an integral spring to close the door in case of a power failure. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, automated swing doors are excellent for emergencies to prevent further danger.


Perfect to help keep germs at bay, this automated door is perfect for anywhere which experiences heavy footfall to prevent germs from being spread. The ideal addition to healthcare environments especially during COVID-19. Considering the number of people that pass through public doorways daily and the number of times they push or pull the door open there will be a multitude of germs on your door handles. Meaning germs can spread and viruses (not just COVID-19) can spread around your workforce or client base. Providing an environment that is clean and healthy can improve your reputation and help to build confidence in your brand.


The perfect addition to offices, health care sectors or event community buildings, the NEPTIS 2 electric door can help prevent accidents too! The NEPTIS 2 complies with all new European Standards and has successfully completed all tests prescribed, with particular attention to the failure analysis on all safety-related electronic components, granted with TÜV Quality Certification. The NEPTIS 2 has been tested and passed a 120 min fire certificate, meaning this swing door has been tested and approved for use within fire safety environments, helping to keep those using it safe.

So, when thinking about hygiene and safety, an automatic swinging door may be the answer, helping you to keep everyone safe and germ-free. If you’re considering the Label NEPTIS 2, get professional advice by contacting us for more information.

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