Technology has opened so many doors for us in the past few years, for all generations. But today we are talking about how technology is literally opening doors for us and how these creations can benefit the care industry. We know care homes are always looking to improve the well-being of their residents. With most of their residents being elderly or disabled, manual doors can be a struggle to open and can become a daunting experience. Whereas automatic doors provide easy access, look smart and can reduce the risk anybody getting an injury when passing through them.

Easy Access

As mentioned above, many residents inside care homes tend to be elderly or have a disability. Many may be in wheelchairs too. This means opening a manual door can go from a simple task to a very tough challenge.  Automated sliding or swing doors provide easy access for all users, even those in wheelchairs, so every one can enter or exit rooms without any complications. This can vastly improve the well-being and overall mood for everyone, by promoting more independent living.

Reduced Risk and Space Saving

A great advantage sliding doors have is they require less space as they don’t swing open, they slide into the door frame itself. Due to this feature, their is a reduced risk of anybody being injured from the doors. To read a more in depth comparison between swinging doors and sliding doors then check out this comparison!


Another issue automated doors have helped resolve in residential settings, is noise. The slamming of manual doors can be very loud, which in a care home environment, can cause a disturbance to residents. Whereas automatic sliding doors silently and effortlessly glide open and shut. Offering an additional benefit feature for any care home, as a quieter environment will be beneficial for all residents.

Newest Automation Release

The NEXT Range contains the 75, 150 and the new 120s editions, which has many amazing features:

  • Slimline
  • Increased durability
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • 2 hour fire rating


As well as being extremely useful to enter and exit buildings, automated doors are also a great way to help stop spreading germs which is another huge benefit, especially with the year and a half we have just been through. As these doors can be operated “hands-free”, they can help to prevent us from spreading germs onto door handles and passing them to other residents.


In short, automatic doors provide so many great benefits for all of us! Here at Label UK, we’ve been expanding our range of electric sliding doors, with many new products! If you have any questions or enquiries, then please feel free to contact us. On the other hand, if you would prefer to speak no the phone then call us on 01746 768 227.

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