Disabled access doors are important because they provide people with disabilities the ability to enter and exit buildings independently. In addition, these doors can help to prevent users with limited mobility or in a wheelchair from becoming trapped in a building in the event of an emergency.

What makes them suitable for those living with a disability?

These types of doors offer an easy way in and out of rooms and buildings for everybody, but importantly they make life easier for users who may struggle to use manual doors. With easy opening through automated slide or swing operation, these doors can be used with minimal interaction. Fast-acting microwave sensors detect the user approaching, or some variations are where the door can be activated through a touch button, usually placed about standard wheelchair-arm-rest height, making it less of a challenge to pull or push what can be very heavy doors. Heavy doors can be an issue for certain users who may struggle opening a door and this is why an automated door makes this process much easier and improves users’ independence when entering or exiting a building.

4 reasons why disabled access doors are important

  1. Disabled access doors provide users of all abilities to enter and exit buildings whilst minimising the chances of injury.
  2. These doors can help prevent those living with disabilities from becoming trapped in a building in the event of an emergency.
  3. Disabled access doors can help to make all users feel more included and independent.
  4. They are also effortless and quiet when in operation which makes using them a more pleasant experience for all users.

Requirements by law for disabled access doors

There are many laws and legislations surrounding disabled access doors that can be read in further detail by reading ‘Government Legislation and Disabled Access Doors‘. But in short, every company with at least one disabled employee should have an easy access point to the building. Likewise, you can read more about the requirements here.

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