Are you looking for a way to incorporate hygiene into your property without cleaning every 5 minutes? Our hygienic automatic doors may be what you’ve been looking for.

Why do you need an automatic door?

Having an automated door means you no longer need to worry about people putting their hands all over the door frame. This means the chance of infection is highly unlikely which is helpful especially during a pandemic.  Hygienic doors can help to make a workplace safe for employees and clients.

Let’s imagine for a moment you have a push and pull door installed in your property. How many hands touch that surface every day to move through the building? Automatic doors help to alleviate this issue, by preventing unnecessary touchpoints around the building, so you and your staff can keep your germs to yourself!

How Label can help!

Labels Next 75 automatic swing door systems can drive doors with a maximum weight of 75kg for a length of 1000mm. The cover is made of anodised aluminium that enhances the look of the swing door automation. It also has a battery included in the design to allow for emergency opening in case of a fire or any other disaster. The door can be used manually too, with the added benefit of re-closing thanks to its virtual spring function. Safe and secure, the door motion is safe thanks to the encoder which detects with precision the position of the door and can immediately reverse the motion of the door in the event of an obstacle.

The Label Eterna 90 is an automatic sliding door sure to help prevent the spread of viruses and germs. The newest in sliding door systems perfect for lightweight sliding doors, this sliding door was designed with the greatest possible attention to detail and includes a double wheel carriage for greater stability and a soundproofed sliding guide. The ETERNA sliding door automation is equipped for the optional use of a battery for emergency opening and emergency locking, either as a fail secure or a failsafe.

So, to keep your premises clean, safe and virus-free, the Label Next 75 automated swing door could be a beneficial addition. Helping to keep your workplace safe is the best way to invest in your employees, clients and the future of your business.

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