The sleek and clear glass panels of glazed fire doors make them the perfect addition to any building. Not only do they add a touch of elegance, but also provide a high degree of safety and reliability in case there’s ever an emergency situation.

EVOLUS TF is available with one or two leaves with fixed sides built with galvanized steel frame, double insulation mass, and cover coatings in extruded aluminum or stainless steel, complete with Pilkington Pyrostop 60-101 glass and thermal expansion seals.

But How Safe Are Glazed Fire Doors Safe?

Glazed fire doors are a great way to keep your building safe in an emergency. The automatic closer locks shut when it detects that there’s smoke or flames nearby, preventing it from spreading into other rooms within the structure.

How Do They Work?

Our fire-rated glass doors work by providing a fire-resistant barrier that prevents fire and smoke from spreading through a building. They can withstand high temperatures and due to the thicker glass being one of the benefits of these doors, they also help stop a fire from spreading through a building.

Our glazed and sliding fire doors are for use in fire containment areas, with all the convenience of an automatic sliding door and the peace of mind of a high-speculation fire-resisting screen.


LABEL UK are experts on all different styles of automated door systems, from commercial use to safety and hospital applications. For our fire doors, we recommend the EVOLUS TF, which is our most recently released fire door. Its design enables the door to handle high fire load environments, giving input, elegance, and harmony with the surrounding environment, which ensures much more safety for any building.

The glazed fire door is the ideal solution for buildings where there’s a risk of breakage, as it provides an effective barrier against fires and smoke. The material also is designed to protect your building from any potential damage caused by intense heat or flames!

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