An automatic sliding door can provide easy access for all users when entering and exiting buildings. This makes them a great addition to any commercial building. However, do you know how often they need to be serviced and when they should be replaced? Read on to find out…

How often should an automatic door be serviced?

The answer may surprise some people! It is recommended that automatic doors should be inspected and maintained by a qualified engineer every six months, but what exactly does this involve? In order for the system of tracks which allows them open or close smoothly without any problems –such as dirt getting stuck between individual runners (the width separated by gaps) running along their length to operate at its best possible level, inspection cycles are advised twice yearly; more frequently if there’s heavy use. But should you be looking at replacing and upgrading your sliding doors?

Expensive repairs

If your automatic sliding doors get damaged, you may find the repairs costing more than it would be to replace the door, depending on the damage it has taken and how old the door is. Upgrading and replacing these doors will also mean they will be updated with all the newest features, especially if you do have an older, outdated door.


Depending on your door’s location and how old they are, you might begin to see issues with them being overused. Busier locations such as retail parks, hospitals and offices will be frequently used and can be overworked after a few years. If your doors are needing more regular repairs than normal, then it might be time to replace your door with a newer automatic sliding door.

How can you maintain an automatic door?

Alongside servicing your doors every 6 months which you must do by law. We have a few other checks to make sure your doors are in good working condition:

    • Purchasing the higher quality door – Buying the cheaper door to save more money could be the worst thing you could do in this position. This is because buying the more expensive and higher quality doors means that you will need fewer repairs. It will also most likely last longer as it will be designed to outlast the cheaper doors on the market.
    • Regular safety checks – Doing regular checks yourself to make sure your doors are working properly can help you and your doors. Realising that a door has an issue early on can stop it from being used whilst damaged. We would recommend trying to make regular checks throughout the week.
    • Training your staff to maintain the doors – Ensuring that your staff know how to maintain the doors properly is important. If they don’t and something goes wrong, it could cause a lot of expensive repairs or replacements.

Why choose LABEL UK?

Label UK doors provide durability, powerful and reliable operation. This results in longevity on all our LABEL UK products. If you would like to speak to us about our doors or other products, then please contact us.

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