To put it simply, you’ll find that most day-to-day doors you see are swing – just think of your home. Any entrance with two hinges that opens either inwards or outwards, is a swing door. Now, add a bit of automation and you get one of our LABEL UK automatic swing doors.


Swing doors are always framed and can be made from a variety of materials – so can be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. Most swing doors tend to be manual but by opting for an automatic swing door, you achieve a whole new range of additional benefits. What like? Take our NEPTIS door for example, it safely manages leaf motion supervising all control devices. Parameters like moving forces, opening/closing speed and obstacle presence are all controlled by a completely new software.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, automated swing doors make excellent emergency doors. Our NEPTIS 2 by LABEL UK uniquely powers the door open and shut as standard, with an integral spring to close the door – in case of power failure. This is especially useful with heavy security doors or access controlled appliances with electric locking. Our automatic swing doors are perfect for a number of applications such as healthcare facilities, hospitals, offices and so on, meaning that can be truly configured to your needs.


By opting for an automatic swing door over a manual, you’re enhancing the building’s accessibility and security. You’re also increasing hygiene standards and ensuring a barrier-free passage. This is essential for healthcare facilities, given the current climate. At LABEL UK, we are constantly developing new products for the market, that includes all the latest technologies in motor design and programming.

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