Automation is the technology, or process of technologies, that require a procedure to be mostly carried out with very little to no human interaction, assistance or labour.

Automatic control is a varied control system that allows programmed actions to be carried out under a set of mechanical conditions. Automation is used to minimize the impact of human error as we are not a very precise bunch, by nature without tools that we have built specifically for measurement and accuracy. Plane flight controls, computer networks, stabilisation of water ships are all there to reduce human intervention, which reduces error, which reduces injury.

Doors also come into the automatic spectrum as many models can be operated with sensors that go back to a route programmer that opens/closes the doors upon the appearance of certain conditions from the stimuli (in this case: movement).

So what is Door Automation?

…and how does automation come into doors?

As you’re more than likely aware by now, there are automatic kinds of doors. Automatic doors are powered by an automation. It’s the system that makes a door automatic. Doors aren’t exactly rocket science, nor are they an all-important computer network, or hugely sophisticated pieces of engineering like planes, so why do we need to limit human interaction with something as simple and everyday as doors? Well, there are a number of scenarios where it is better to have doors be automated than not. Of course, you’ll get instant “WOW!” factor points, because who doesn’t love it when doors seamlessly whoosh open as if by magic on your approach, but there are further underlying ACTUAL reasons for having automatic door systems, over your regular push/pull or manual sliding mechanism.

  1. Eliminates Confusion – The old push/pull conundrum. Even though they are clearly marked this doesn’t stop a proportion of people trying the wrong way anyway
  2. Accessibility – for wheelchair or disabled users and or pushchairs: No need to move a cumbersome door out the way if it already opens for you.
  3. Limit Accidents – Sometimes people can be inconsiderate/forgetful with push doors and just let them swing back at the people behind them, automatic doors will detect and accommodate people behind
  4. Hygiene – If you took a microscope to the door handle of a regular push/pull door, you would be appalled to say the least at how much of a breeding ground for bacteria this is, with automated doors there is no need to touch any part of the door, limiting risk of illness.

There are many other reasons why to choose an automated door system, but the 4 above cover most bases. If you have any other scenarios you can think of where automated doors come in handy, why not share them with us on social media?

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