It is unlikely that any person reading this hasn’t encountered an electric door at least once in their lifetime. The chances are you often use them in normal day life without even noticing. But we want to showcase the benefits that these automatic doors provide. Although they might go unnoticed in day to day life, it’s important to understand how much they help us!


The first benefit an electric door has for us is that it is convenient. In industries such as retail, hospitality and care etc, having an automatic door open for staff and customers makes it easier for everyone to enter and exit a building. Whether its anti-bac touch switches, touchless sensor switches, key fobs or just an automatic sensor for doors, there are several options for doors depending on the building and what is needed.


One very important factor for electric doors is that they are more hygienic, mainly as they reduce touching of handles etc. Improving our hygiene is something that can no longer go unnoticed, especially with the past year and half we have experienced. Electric doors avoid spreading germs as you don’t have to manually open the doors.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is another factor to take into consideration. A manual door can be heavy and can be a daunting experience for somebody with a disability to try and pass through. Whereas electric automatic doors are much easier and safer to pass through.

These doors also make buildings more accessible for the elderly, families with push chairs and people with their hands full! Which in today’s world is a great bonus, everybody is busy doing other tasks so to have a door open in front of you automatically or at the touch of a button is very helpful! It also avoids traffic building up by doors during peak times as it is much quicker to enter or exit.

Reduces energy cost

Sensors activate the automatic doors to open or close. This will prevent the doors staying open all day and lessen the cost of heating as it won’t be required as much.  During the summer, they can also keep the cool air from air-conditioning in the rooms and stop dust and other waste from entering the building.


If these four benefits aren’t enough to convince you, the final one is they look great! Automatic doors can look really smart and are a stylish feature when in action compared to old outdated manual doors. They also make less noise when opening and closing which is another great feature.

Here at LabelUK, we have a wide range of electric automatic doors that are installed across the world where automatic entry is required. Whether it be a private home, a busy hospital, or a big commercial building. If you are looking for an electric door to your building, then why not contact us.

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