As of today, we are sure nearly everyone reading this has come across fire rated sliding doors whether you have walked past them, or through them when entering or exiting a building. Now, although we may have all encountered a fire rated sliding door, have you stopped to think about the amazing benefits they provide us?

Read on to find out 5 great benefits of installing sliding fire doors.

Safe To Use

Firstly, fire rated sliding doors are extremely safe which is hugely important to commercial building owners. After the last few years we have all faced with COVID-19, safety has become even more of a huge factor when deciding on installations for buildings. Alongside this, health and safety precautions are becoming harder and harder to meet, but Label sliding fire doors guarantee to meet the requirements.

One way to ensure that everyone is safer in your building is to install a fire rated automatic sliding door which can prevent injury or worse scenarios from happening, as well as stopping any potential fires from spreading. 

Accessibility For All Users

As well as being safe, these doors are also accessible for all users. As Label UK automatic doors can work based on a no-touch operation, they make it easier for everyone to enter or exit a building. Using a heavy manual door that must be pulled or pushed a certain way can be a tough task for some users. As, although not for everyone, for some users opening a manual door can be tricky so having a door open for you automatically makes it a much easier experience!

Improved Hygiene 

Another great benefit our automated doors offer is improved hygiene. This is because as mentioned before, our doors don’t have to be touched to be open, so this prevents us from spreading germs onto busy doorways and to each other, and since COVID-19 this has become as important as ever.

Allow More Natural Light

Something that gets overlooked which is very important is natural lighting. Label sliding doors which have an extra-large pane of glass will brighten up any room which is great for our mental health and also saves money on electricity as you can keep those lights off!

Contemporary Design

Finally, they just look great! Fire rated sliding doors can add a nice aesthetic to any building and are a great contemporary choice when installing automated doors.

Our recent released fire door automation is the EVOLUS TF, why not take a look.

Why Choose Label UK For Your Fire Door?

Label UK has developed a range of fire rated automatic doors in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. We are constantly improving and developing our doors to improve the quality of our products.

We also have a list of approved servicing and installers. So, whether you are in Scotland, Northern Ireland or anywhere else in the UK, We can help you throughout the installation process.

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