If you’re not already engrossed in the world of sliding doors then you’ve probably never heard of Hermetic doors. You’ve probably seen them dozens of times, especially if you’ve ever been to hospital or you work in a lab, but you probably wouldn’t be able to put your finger on what they are. But… what are Hermetic Doors? Luckily for you, here at LABEL UK we are experts in a wide range of doors, from simplistic automation, to specialized hospital and fire doors, and we’ll be able to give you the quick run down!

what are hermetic doors

What does the term “Hermetic” actually mean?

Hermetic refers to the air-tight property that the seal of the door poses. So Hermetic actually means air-tight and spoiler alert: if air isn’t getting in through it, nothing else is, not even a spec of dust… which is quite fitting because that’s exactly what a hermetic seal was designed for.

What are Hermetic Doors and what are their applications?

As mentioned above, Hermetic doors are sealed into an airtight condition when closed and this prevents hospital quarantined areas infecting other areas of the building, it can stop germs, dirt and dust being dragged into the room keeping it sterile. This means that it doubles up as a lab door, as well as a hospital door. In labs you often need to carry out experiments in sterilized conditions and that means you’ve got to kiss goodbye to that dirt, dust and moisture in the air. By using the hermetic sealed door as an oppose to one without a hermetic seal, you can go forth with your experiments and tests and have greater accuracy, with less uncontrolled variables in the room.

Where can you get Hermetic Doors?

Luckily for you, you’re currently on the site of the one stop shop for automatic and specialized doors. Not only do we have a wide range of doors for a mass of applications, but we can also teach you how to use them super easily and effectively, so the change won’t hinder your business.

To learn more, view our range of Hermetic Doors.

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