Wheelchair accessible doors or disabled access doors are doors, specifically made for those living with disabilities, because they usually have sensors that detect a user approaching and are wide enough to fit wheelchairs through without any difficulty or obstruction and with as much comfort as possible for the user. They are best fitted on a flat, paved access point on the ground floor and quite near to the parking facilities of a building, for ease of access to things like shopping malls and showrooms.

What makes them suitable for those living with a disability?

Aside from a good wheelchair room, disabled access doors also offer an easy way in and out of rooms or buildings where the user needs minimal interaction, with easy opening through automated slide or swing operations. Usually fast acting microwave sensors detect the user approaching, or the door can be activated through a touch button, usually placed about standard wheelchair-arm-rest height, making it less of a challenge to pull or push what can be very heavy doors.

What are the current requirements for disabled access?

Currently under EU laws and standards, all places of work with more than any 5 employees and at least 1 disabled employee must have disabled access to the building to encourage the person living with a disability to get into work with minimal hassle and fuss. All public points of interest like shopping malls, large restaurants, hospitals, police stations and schools/colleges/universities MUST have wheelchair accessible doors for easy access as well as a disabled bathroom facility with an easily operated door (such as swing, slide or push button motion).

How can LABEL UK help?

We are the UK’s premium automated door company, meaning we can offer a whole range of products that work perfectly, as a disabled access doors. Many of our sensors are high quality microwave sensors, that quickly send messages to the circuits, to respond to the movement and thus opening or closing the door. If you need disabled access doors, you’re in the right place.

You can view our range of wheelchair accessible doors and sensors here:

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