An automatic door is designed to last for many years – so you can get a good return on your investment. But, for whatever reason, even automated doors may need a bit of TLC now and again. So, when is the right time to replace or upgrade your existing automated doors?


Depending on how long you’ve had your automatic doors installed, you may find that your doors are getting a little old and with age, can come problems of overuse. Especially indoors that greet a number of people every day (such as hospitals, clinics and office buildings – prior to the Coronavirus outbreak), there is a frequent stream of opening and closing and opening and closing.

Are you finding yourself regularly facing malfunctions? If you’re needing to get your automatic doors repaired more regularly than not, then you’re no longer enjoying the benefits of a reliably operating door. So, with this in mind, it might be time to get a new one.


if it’s that your automatic doors get damaged, you might find the costs of repair to be as much, or maybe even more than the door itself! By opting to replace or upgrade your automated doors, you’re set to get more return as they’ll be updated with all the latest features and technology. Especially if you find yourself with an old, out-of-date model, then replacement parts for repairs may not be available – another sign that it might be time to do a switcharoo.


If the usage for your existing doors has changed, then it may be time to replace your automatic door. After all, your doors need to operate optimally for their desired function. So, if one of your entrances must become an escape route, you may have to consider a whole new door to ensure you meet the relevant safety standards.

Equally, it could be that the condition or appearance of your door no longer meets the standards or image of your building and it’s time to change for aesthetic reasons. While we recommend keeping your doors well serviced to ensure a long and reliable lifetime, it’s also beneficial to know when’s the right time for a replacement.

At LABEL UK, we manufacture high-quality and reliable automated door systems. We are constantly developing new products for the market, that includes all the latest technologies in motor design and programming. To find out more about what we do and the range of automatic doors we offer,
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