Sliding door systems are now commonplace within facilities with high footfall, such as offices, hospitals, care homes, retail outlets and many other premises, but why?

In today’s blog, we look at the benefits of sliding door systems.

Increased Accessibility

At LABEL UK, our sliding door systems are operated with a simple “no touch” opening option which ensures a barrier free entry system. This increased accessibility is not only perfect for those using mobility aids, but it also brings big benefits staff who are often on-the-go and transporting equipment, such as within hospitals and care homes.

Energy Efficient

Our automatic doors are energy efficient as they utilise high quality parts and cutting-edge technology to ensure our automatic door solutions are cost-efficient and offer longevity.

Our customers have also told us sliding door systems eliminate doors being left open and help to keep the heat indoors, reducing their heating bills over time.

Minimal Noise and Distractions

A high-quality sliding door system is noiseless when in operation and our doors even often offer a level of sound insulation when closed, reducing noise from external distractions – perfect for high footfall areas.

Improved Hygiene

A sliding door system offers a perfect solution to those looking for increased sanitation. Not only goes the no-touch door opening system prevent germs from spreading, we even have models that are clean-room compatible.

LABEL Sliding Door Systems

At LABEL UK, we have been expanding our range of sliding door systems and our new products have been gaining recognition all over Europe for their high quality and advanced hardware.

We have multiple sliding door systems available including the Evolus, Evolus-T, Revolus, Revolus-T, EV-Retrofit and Eterna which all combine our most advanced hardware and software solutions with beautiful design.

Why choose LABELUK?

  • Our versatile range is available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit your environment.
  • Two leaf and four-leaf options are available.
  • Standard and telescopic profiles are available.
  • The automated operator is easily adapted to suit a wide variety of installation types, including high-density locations such as hospitals, airports and hotels.
  • Our advanced hardware and software solutions ensure fluid door opening with minimal noise and distractions.
  • Safety and reliability guaranteed – Our sliding door systems comply with all relevant European Standards and have passed all safety tests required. More information is available on each product page.

We’re on hand to help…

Our technical support team understand that every building has different needs. We’ll get to know you and help you choose the correct specification for your application, and we’ll be there throughout the installation process to ensure you’re confident in your new sliding door system.

Talk to our sliding door system experts today: contact us.

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