With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, electric sliding doors are growing increasingly popular due to the number of benefits they hold. As these kind of doors are automatic, there is no need to physically touch them. Which, given the current climate, is ideal!

But what about the other benefits? We’ll tell you…

1. Hygiene

Offering a hands-free, automatic alternative to opening doors, electric sliding doors are the ideal solution. Especially in hospitals and food factories where sanitation is essential, these doors with air-tight function can prevent the entry of dust or any other nasty particles.

2. Accessibility

Since electric sliding doors can be opened without the use of your hands, they offer convenience to everyone! From those carrying luggage to delivery people, you don’t have to worry about getting in and out if you’ve got your hands full. Automatic sliding doors are typically used in high traffic places like offices, hotels and other public facilities. Not only that, electric doors offer a much wider opening than a standard external door – perfect!

3. No Barrier

Electric sliding doors also offer a number of benefits to wheelchair users, due to their easy opening functionality. They offer excellent customer service, safety and convenience, as standard doors can often be heavy and tricky to open and close.

4. Environment

If we didn’t give you enough good reasons, they also contribute to energy saving too, as they reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Because electric sliding doors only open when activated, they prevent air-conditioning or heating from escaping and the outside air from entering. Sounds good, right?

At Label UK, we’ve been expanding our range of electric sliding door systems, with new products that have been gaining recognition all over Europe! If you’re looking for high-quality, contact us to learn more.

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