Now, we are sure you’ll find that most day-to-day doors that you use are swing doors, just think of your home door. However, you will most likely recognise automatic swing doors from your local retail centre, hospital or somewhere that is busy and requires this kind of door.

There are many advantages to automatic swing doors, they are very convenient, especially for those who have their hands full or who have restricted mobility. They can help to improve energy efficiency as they seal tight when closed and prevent draughts keeping the property warmer as the days are getting colder.


One of automatic swing doors’ main advantages is that they provide easy access for everybody. They are ideal for locations that have high traffic, as they can handle large volumes of people passing through them. They are also much easier to open than a standard door which again makes it easier for all users. This is why these types of doors are becoming more popular for companies and business buildings as they make the building much more accessible.


Automatic swing doors can be opened with just a push of a button, or sometimes just by walking and triggering a sensor, making them quick, easy and ideal for people with disabilities, those who have difficulty opening traditional (often heavy) doors such as the elderly or even just people with their hands full of shopping, a pushchair or anything else that might make it difficult to open a manual door.

More Hygenic

Another great benefit is that these doors are more hygienic than traditional doors as they prevent the spread of bacteria and other contaminants because they don’t require people to manually handle the door to open or close it. Label UK can even add touchless activation if required. This is very important in everyday life especially since Covid-19 as these doors help us to spread fewer germs to each other.


Finally, automatic swing doors can add a touch of class to any building entrance. These doors can also be used in various settings, such as commercial buildings, hospitals, and schools providing great accessibility and it adds a nice bonus that they look great too!

We have several automatic swing doors available from our NEXT range or our NEPTIS range with some variations also being fire rated, to ensure that you will find the perfect door for your requirements. If you’d like more information, get in touch.

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