Automatic doors for disabled access

Automatic doors for disabled access are designed to make it easier for those with disabilities to enter a building without requiring the help of another person. They may be equipped with features [...]

6 Benefits of Bi Parting Sliding Doors

Bi parting sliding doors are very common in most public spaces and busy areas in today’s busy world. Essentially, these doors are when each side of the door slide in opposite directions at the [...]

Are Sliding Fire Doors Worth It?

Firstly at LABEL UK, we are always looking for solutions when it comes to doors and we try to be innovative. That is why we designed automated sliding fire doors so that you can have a reliable [...]

5 Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding door systems provide buildings and us with several benefits, in terms of style and their functionality. So here are five reasons why you should look into using automatic sliding [...]

Automatic Door Training Courses

At Label UK, we offer the unique opportunity for our customers to receive LABEL product training directly from our technical team. You will experience first-class automatic door training courses. [...]

Why Care Homes Need Automatic Doors

Technology has opened so many doors for us in the past few years, for all generations. But today we are talking about how technology is literally opening doors for us and how these creations can [...]

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