In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and accessibility are crucial factors in various environments, be it hospitals, care homes, offices, or business premises. To cater to diverse entrance requirements, the implementation of automated swing doors has become increasingly popular. Here at Label UK, we offer a wide range of automated swing doors that seamlessly blend with any design while providing practical benefits to suit your needs.

The Perks of Label UK’s Automated Swing Doors

Versatile Options: Whether you seek new automated swing security doors or automated internal swing doors, Label UK has the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Our extensive range of automated swing doors caters to diverse settings, ensuring a perfect fit within home, retail, or office environments.

Enhanced Accessibility: Label UK’s automated swing doors come equipped with a disability function that facilitates easy opening and closing. This feature makes care homes, hospitals, offices, and business premises more inclusive and accessible spaces for all individuals.

Multiple Door Opening Options: Whether you prefer automated swing doors controlled by sensors, radio, a simple push and go mode, or even manual operation with the virtual spring function, Label UK has got you covered. Their doors offer various user-friendly options to cater to different preferences.

Energy Efficiency: Label UK’s commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness is evident in their new brushless motor, which helps reduce energy consumption. This eco-friendly feature leads to cost savings while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Understanding the Mechanics

The automated swing doors by Label UK operate efficiently with arms carrying the door, controlled by a durable brushless motor. This motor is chosen for its low wear and increased durability, ensuring the doors function smoothly for an extended period. Powered by an electrical component unit equipped with the latest generation components, the doors deliver reliable performance while maintaining high efficiency. The switching power supply further optimizes energy consumption, offering additional cost savings to users.

Choose the Perfect Automated Swing Doors for Your Application

Selecting the right automated swing door for your specific needs is paramount. With Label UK’s expert technical support engineers, you can confidently choose the most suitable specification for your application. Moreover, Label UK’s competitive pricing formula makes them the preferred choice for swing door applications among engineers.


Automated swing doors have emerged as the epitome of convenience, accessibility, and sustainability in modern building design. Label UK’s extensive range of automated swing doors caters to diverse settings, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. With energy-efficient solutions and user-friendly options, Label UK paves the way for an effortless and efficient entrance experience. For a world where accessibility and convenience reign, embrace Label UK’s automated swing doors today!

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