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*Solution with Smart glass for Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The ETHB and EVHB automatic door range by LABEL UK is designed to enable designers and contractors to meet the different requirements of their customers with a product featuring an elegant design that allows an extreme customization, while maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio.
The modularity of the different components allows an infinite range of solutions to meet the most stringent international regulations relative to automations for controlled access, laboratories, operating theatres, radiology rooms and public spaces.

The ETHB and EVHB automatic doors are designed to meet the most stringent application requirements. The capacities up to kg 360 enable to use panels for radiology environments. ETHB and EVHB are provided with specific safety systems to control the passage opening. All the automations are used with the profile systems of the LB-H series and panels in laminate and stainless steel. *All models are equipped with BRUSHLESS motors.

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Different options are available for ETHB and EVHB automatic doors, including:

• HB-BAT2P emergency battery, which guarantees approximately 60 minutes of continuous operation
• Constant monitoring to ensure battery reliability
• Fail Secure electric lock with manual release (locked when not powered)
• Fail Safe electric lock (free to open when not powered)
• Bistable electric lock with manual release when not connected to power (remains locked in Night-lock mode or free to open when using one or two-direction programs)
• ENRF1 pluggable radio receiver (for automatic door opening using Spyco radio control, in all work programs).


The new BRUSHLESS motors of the ETHB and EVHB automatic door range represent an additional step forward in terms of reliability, robustness, smoothness and quietness. This thanks to a sophisticated control electronics with switching power supply that manages in an optimum manner the power and speed of the motor, ensures significant energy savings, as well as a greater durability of the entire automation.

Label Hospital doors are customizable with a wide range of accessories:

  • Flush vision panels with manual or electric blind or without blind
  • Flush vision panels for doors with lead shielding
  • Standard, sound-proof glazing
  • LCD Smart Glass glazing with transparent/opaque function
  • Handles, push-bar, lifting handles, straight handles
  • Elbow, contactless, bar, mushroom emergency opening buttons
  • Hermetic seal kit
  • Interlocks, with signalling lights
  • Lead shielding
  • Graphics
  • Emergency opening devices
  • Touchless Antimicrobial Activation Pads

The ETHB and EVHB automatic doors can be controlled by the new App LABEL TOOLS that enables management, programming, setting of the door with a simple operation: just move the smartphone (equipped with NFC) near the HB-TNFC keyboard to download the programming data for the operation of the door.

If you would like to find out more about LABEL ETHB and EVHB for your electric sliding Hospital door requirements, please Contact Us

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