The new range of Hospital doors comes from LABEL thirty-year experience in the automatic doors market and includes automatic doors for surgery rooms, analysis laboratories, X-ray diagnostic rooms and controlled access areas.

Aligned with market purposes, Hospital doors have a specific technical value and include several accessories.  Hermetically sealed doors, airtight doors, panels and entrances made of the most popular materials for the intended use in clean environments like laminate, stainless steel, antibacterial etc. with panels specifically designed to suppress noise.

The service performed by LABEL includes all phases from design to production, sales through to manufacturing.  Installation training for our customers is provided from our Bridgnorth office by our experienced technical training officers.

The quality of the operators ensures the safety of all integrated systems which makes LABEL Hospital doors an integral element in theatre areas and consulting rooms.  The safety level is guaranteed by all the components working together with sensors in accordance with EN16005.   The LABEL Hospital sliding allows easy access and where necessary without touching the door wings or coming into contact with buttons by incorporating touchless switches which complements the integrity of the clean room environment.

The steel finishes are designed improve the door design especially where fitted with any lead screening and RX -protection glazed vision panels to comply with the needs of hospitals operating in environments with X-ray equipment.

LABEL products are certified and properly comply with all relevant standards; in particular the EVH-E hermetic door  with LB-H series profiles, achieved class 2 test in positive pressure and class 4 test in negative pressure, in compliance with EN 1026 standard.


Hygienic Hospital Doors

Hygenic Doors | Hospital Doors | Hermtic Doors Hygienic Doors from LABEL are in accordance with new standards for Europe and Britain, providing safety and security to restricted areas such as radiation rooms and all types of laboratories. Hermetic doors come coated in materials suitable for sterile and clean environments, such as stainless steel and antibacterial coatings to reduce build-up of bacteria on surfaces that a high frequency of people will touch. To view an automated sliding door variation of Hospital Doors view the EVH.

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