For environments where sanitation and style are essential…

Our Automatic Door and Toilet Door Sensors are a hygienic activation switch protected with SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology that has been designed for installations where hygiene is of paramount importance such as for Hospital doors, Doctor Surgeries, Clean Rooms and Food Processing Departments, these hygienic doors are perfect for these industries and more. The silver ion technology protects these acrylic sensors from 99% of bacteria and unlike surface disinfectants which temporarily eliminate bacteria from surfaces, the protection is built-in so it will never wash off or wear away, protecting it for its lifetime!

The acrylic is non scratch, anti-reflective and non-porous which makes them easy to clean and maintain, controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi without affecting the colour or transparency. The switches also sense activation from up to 50mm away so you do not have to actually touch the sensor to operate it, making it the cleanest switch available!

Bi Parting Doors Electric Sliding Door



These anti-microbial switches utilise technology which uses silver ions to prevent the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould. Silver has antibacterial properties by blocking cell respiration and inhibiting cell division. It’s 99.9% effective at restricting contamination and infection, and the silver also protects against degradation meaning the product will have a longer lifespan which makes them the perfect hospital sliding doors.


These infrared switches have a touchless design to prevent the spread of germs and infection by eliminating the need for contact. Its slimline jamb style gives it a sleek look when installed, and its LED illumination means it’s easy to find even in low light areas. It has a quick reaction time and can detect a hand movement between 10-30cm in front of the switch.


Another form of touchless activation is proximity fobs, where you present the fob to the reader and the door is activated. These fobs therefore add extra security, as there is a level of authentication between the fob and reader, like a password exchange, meaning people whose fobs have been programmed with the reader will be granted access.



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