Are you looking for a modern, sleek and discreet automatic door solution? If so, our flexible NEXT 75 could offer the perfect solution.

Automatic glass doors are quickly becoming an essential for businesses and organisations with high footfall. Business premises, hospitals, care homes, retail environments and more benefit from automatic door solutions as they offer excellent accessibility and security while seamlessly blending into the design of your premises.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes including aluminium, wood and metal, the NEXT 75 provides a discreet automatic door solution which is designed to suit to your environment. Long gone are the days of bulky, slow moving automated doors – the NEXT 75 looks good while delivering fluid and precise door opening and closing, creating increased accessibility with minimal noise and distractions.

Our automatic doors can be controlled in a variety of ways to suit your building. You have the choice of door opening being controlled by a variety of methods, including push and go, sensors, radio or even manually, as our virtual spring system ensures smooth door opening and closing.

Why choose the NEXT 75?

Designed to be the most discreet of automatic doors

  • Arms, powered by a quiet and durable brushless motor, carry the door smoothly and with precision.
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to fit perfectly into your buildings design.

Efficient, reliable and hard-working

  • Our new brushless motor helps to lower energy consumption, keeping costs down.
  • The NEXT 75 automatic doors are powered by an electrical component unit which is fitted with the latest generation components to ensure reliability and efficiency.
  • Switching power supply means less energy is used, bringing further cost-savings.

Easy to use and install

  • All Label UK doors boast an intuitive graphic interphase which links directly to the automation control system for easy installation and monitoring.
  • You can easily access your interfacing and data exchange via our new safe and secure Label app, which is available on all smartphones.

Find the perfect automated door solution for your needs…

Our technical support engineers understand the importance of getting to know our customers, as every building will have different needs. We can help you to choose the correct specification for your application, and we will be there throughout the installation process to ensure you and your team are confident in your new door opening solution.

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