Whether it’s for home, retail or office use, the automation NEXT 75 has been designed to fit seamlessly into your environment while controlling the effortless opening and closing of swinging doors, inside. Offering real flexibility, the NEXT 75 can drive doors with a maximum weight of 75kg and a maximum length of 1000mm, perfect for any home application or for communal areas.

Fitting the automation NEXT 75 allows your internal door to move fluidly and precisely, reducing noise and offering easy door opening. It’s even programmed to suit your spaces’ specific needs; Door opening can be controlled by sensors, radio, a simple push and go mode or manually, thanks to the virtual spring function. So whether you or a family member have a disability and you’re looking for a more accessible home, or if you’re a business looking to automate your offices’ internal doors making the premises more accessible, the NEXT 75 offers a perfect solution.

For ultimate peace of mind, the NEXT 75 complies with the European standard EN 16005, demonstrating proven maximum safety. In the event of an obstacle, the encoder detects the position of the door precisely and will immediately reverse its motion.

Why automate an internal swing door with the NEXT 75?

Fits within a home, retail or office environment: The NEXT 75 is highly flexible and can drive doors ranging from standard size all the way up to 1000mm long and 75kg in weight.

Its quiet… like, really quiet! No more squeaks from hinges or bangs from doors shutting as automating your door ensures fluid and controlled movement.

Range of door opening options. The NEXT 75 can be controlled manually, with sensors, radio, or even a simple push and go mode.

Designed with disability in mind. Our disability function was designed to assist in opening and closing doors, making the home and office more accessible places.

Easy to use and install. Our new and compact (100x45mm) digital keypad boasts an intuitive graphic interface. The keypad is directly linked to the automation control system for easy installation and monitoring.

Data exchange available via app. You can easily access your interfacing and data exchange via our new safe and secure Label app, which is available on all smartphones.

How does the NEXT 75 work? It’s quite simple really… a sensor triggers the arms that carry the door, these arms are operated by a motor, which was chosen for its incredibly low wear and increased durability.

Powering the NEXT 75 is the electrical component unit which is fitted with the latest generation components to provide reliable performance while being highly efficient. The switching power supply means less energy is used to power door driving bringing cost savings for the user.

Despite all of this power, the NEXT 75 is extremely small! It adds only 60mm of height when mounting, offering flexibility and function. With an anodized aluminum covering guard, it won’t interfere with your design plans and will bring the quiet, accessibility and safety you’ve been seeking.

The Techy Bit…


  • Internal and external opening radar
  • Open (to open the door in all operating programs)
  • Opening and closing safety sensor


  • Electric lock to manage electric strike and electromagnet
  • Open collector signal output to signal door state/maintenance
  • Test signal for safety sensors as provided for by the standard EN 16005

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