Are you looking for a sleek and robust fire-rated automatic swing operator for internal doors? Well, look no further than the LABEL NEXT 120S. Automatic swing doors are becoming normality for most businesses and organisations in public spaces, especially after the last 2 years we have faced with COVID-19. Public areas such as hospitals, care homes, retail and many others massively benefit from automatic door solutions as they offer accessibility and security. However, the buildings with these doors don’t sacrifice the buildings’ aesthetic as they look very stylish and modern!

Automated doors can also be great for residential settings as it makes passing from one room to another room, effortless. Some users might struggle to open a manual door or to press a button to open a door, so installing a LABEL UK automated door removes this issue. Whether you need a single swinging door or double swinging doors LABEL can help. The NEXT 120S is a great option as it is also very silent when opening, as well as many other benefits.

Why choose the NEXT 120S?

This operator is designed for automatic swing doors up to 120kg. The advanced green brushless motor dramatically increases its durability, further improving reliability and reducing energy consumption. Door opening can be controlled by a range of triggers, whether it be activation sensors, push pads, key fobs or complete access control systems. Some of the new additions to the NEXT 120S are:

  • New brushless motor – Our brushless motor can minimise consumption both during operation and in stand by mode.
  • New Battery Design – A unique battery design that perfectly fit the application.
  • Small and Easy to Fit – NEXT 120S is very small so it doesn’t take up much space. It is also very easy to install which saves time and money.
  • Silent Opening – Our NEXT 120S opens and closes with no noise, which makes it another great addition to any building as it operates silently.
  • Arm Selection – Choosing the correct arm is important for any installation as requirements vary for each application. Find the different options here. From here scroll down to ‘Arm Selection’.

Find the perfect automatic swinging doors for what you need…

Choosing the right door for your needs is crucial. Our technical support engineers can help you choose the correct specification for the right application and our keen, competitive pricing formula make LABEL UK the engineers’ choice for automatic swing door applications.

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