Revolutionise your indoor spaces with the Label NEXT 120S, a fire-rated swing operator door designed for internal doors weighing up to 120kg. With its slim profile and impressive features, it’s the ideal solution for modern environments.

Fire Resistance Tested

The NEXT 120S has undergone rigorous fire resistance testing at Warringtonfire in 2021, achieving up to 120 minutes of integrity and insulation (compliant with EN 1634-1 standards). You can trust its reliability to enhance safety in your facility.

Advanced Green Brushless Motor

Our cutting-edge brushless motor not only boosts durability but also significantly reduces energy consumption. This eco-friendly design ensures long-lasting performance while minimizing your energy costs.

Reliable Clockwork Spring

Even in the event of a power failure, the NEXT 120S fire-rated swing operator continues to operate smoothly and securely, thanks to its robust clockwork spring. For added peace of mind, you can pair it with a battery pack to maintain functionality when power is lost.

Versatile Door Control

Take control of your door with a variety of triggers, including activation sensors, push pads, key fobs, or complete access control systems. The door can also be operated manually with automatic re-closing functionality provided by the clockwork spring.

New Brushless Motor Technology

Our state-of-the-art brushless motor is at the core of the NEXT 120S, offering reduced energy consumption during both operation and standby mode.

Sleek Battery Design

To maintain a compact profile, our battery packs are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate around the motor, ensuring a sleek appearance.

Tailored Arm Selection

Selecting the right arm is crucial for a successful installation, as the requirements vary for each application. Explore our arm options, such as the NEXT120-BAS (Outswing Push Articulated Arm), to meet your specific needs.

Elevate your indoor spaces with the Label NEXT 120S Fire Rated Swing Operator. Contact our team today to discover how this innovative solution can enhance accessibility, safety, and convenience in your facility.

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