You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it is important to make it a good one. With a sliding electric door, first impressions are made easy for any building. Our automatic sliding doors and swinging doors make sure people enter and exit safely without any hassle of needing to manually open a heavy door or worry about congestion in a busy area.

Why You Should Choose Automatic Doors Over Manually Operated Doors

Safety – Automated doors are a great way to keep everybody safe. The sensors in the door know when someone comes near the sliding electric door and will open, which reduces opportunities for accidents in the workplace or in busy areas.

Easily accessible – Sliding electric doors are also easily accessible compared to manual doors. This makes them perfect for people with disabilities, limited mobility, or people with their hands full of shopping bags or pushchairs etc.

Natural light – Automated doors also provide great natural light. They’re an ideal way to bring more life into your building.

Why Choose Label UK?

Leading provider – Here at Label UK, we are a global company that supplies automatic door products to over 50 countries across 4 continents, manufacturing a wide range of industry-proven automatic sliding doors, swing doors, specialist doors, fire-rated doors, electric door locks, hermetically sealed and hospital doors.

Range of doors for whatever your needs – Our products are designed for the market but not confined to specific criteria. We can provide bespoke solutions for swing entrances, automatic sliding doors, and roof lights.

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