Having an entranceway or door that speaks volumes about your company or premises is one thing, but what about the functionality of an actual door; to keep your employees and/or equipment inside safe and keep unwanted things from the outside from coming inside.

Yes, a massive feature of doors these days is security and, in all fairness, most modern electric swing/slide doors are relatively secure however, there are doors out there that are specifically designed for security purposes.

Firstly let’s look at what makes security doors secure… Locks. With all kinds of security doors in the world there are all kinds of locks such as: Deadbolt, Handle sets, Keyless Entry and Smart Locks to name but a few. Deadbolt is pretty self-explanatory but, in simple terms it’s a bolt that extends from the door into the wall next to it, they are very secure as it would require a lot of force to break into. Handle sets are a simple lock, key and handle set up that is used on the majority of front doors. Keyless entry sounds ridiculously easy to get around, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, the door would require a manual override to completely open without knowing a keypad number. Smart Locks are a relatively new one but have just as good as security credentials; locks that are controlled with the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices such as phones, remotes and computer systems.

The LABEL NEPTIS Automatic Swing Door is not only a convenient door but it is deemed secure enough to use for hospitals, care homes and offices. Security doors are perfect for protection against intruders, against dangerous weather.

LABEL NEPTIS safely manages leaf motion supervising all control devices; parameters like moving forces, opening/closing speed and obstacle presence are all controlled by a completely new software.  Uniquely the NEPTIS powers the door open and shut as standard with an integral spring to close the door in case of power failure.  This is especially useful with heavy security doors or access control applications with electric locking.

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