Glazed Fire Doors

No matter where you work, there’s almost always at least some risk of fire. Some industries offer more of a risk than others, but whether you’re in an office, a hospital, a shop or builders merchant, certain glazed fire doors may be a smart investment. Unfortunately, fires happen at some point or another, in particular, it’s difficult to prevent them when working in industries that require a lot of heating, melting and evaporating like the chemical industry. However we can do all we can to stop them spreading and causing more damage than is absolutely necessary. That’s where glazed fire doors can come in.

What does fire need to sustain itself?

Fire needs multiple factors for ideal conditions but can generally start and sustain itself on three basic elements; Heat, Oxygen and Fuel. When we say heat you may think of how objects can catch fire a specific temperatures but for a fire a simple spark would suffice. Oxygen is pretty self-explanatory, all fire needs oxygen to sustain flame and heat via oxidization. Last of all fuel, now this doesn’t have to be petrol or gasoline, it can be anything that will catch fire like wood, certain plastics, paper, dry shrubbery or an incendiary chemical. See what we mean when we say fire can happen almost anywhere? It could all start with an overheated computer on a wooden desk…

What makes a Glazed Fire Door fire-proof?

Fire doors are glazed with a material that has high melting points and are fire resistant. This glazing material may range from a small panel in a door to a glazed screen for maximum light transmission and safety. Under regular circumstances glass cracks when exposed to heat and is liable to fall out fairly early in a fire, causing an increase in risk for hazards like cuts and lacerations as well as those from the fire, where-as a fire rated door’s “glass” will remain intact for longer. This helps to confine the fire to one room or area, preventing the spread, aiding evacuation and reducing the amount of potential damage.

What do LABEL UK recommend?

Luckily LABEL UK are experts on all types of automated doors and door systems, from commercial use to safety and hospital applications. We’re more than happy to advise you on the best options and steps to take towards getting your automatic door solution. As for glazed fire doors we would recommend the EVOLUS TF, which has been designed to the partitioning of high fire load environments, to give input, elegance and harmony with the surrounding environment, which will ensure a high degree of safety on your premises.

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