It’s one of the questions that has boggled the minds of many people for decades; how does an automatic door sensor work for automatic doors? Magic right? Unfortunately not, these automatic doors open and close with the help of simple technology, but they are fun and do seem just a little bit magical at the very least.

An automatic door sensor can sense many different types of active stimuli, such as sound, light, weight, and motion. Let’s look a little more in detail at what different sensors do in order to sense the relevant stimuli correctly:

  • Weight sensors: These could be disguised as a mat in front of the door, when you step on the mat it acts like a pressure plate which tells the doors to open.
  • Motion Sensors: Sometimes called “optic sensors”, these are often affixed to the side or apex of the automatic door and much like your house alarm system, they detect whenever something moves and interrupts the invisible beam it produces.
  • Light Sensors: This can act very much like a motion sensor except it works off the differing light levels in the foreground and background. The closer you are to the door, the darker it gets as you block out light. When the light level drops below a certain level the door opens.

Here at LABEL, we have doors with motion sensors that are activated by real-life stimuli. As a group, LABEL have been successful in negotiating excellent rates for a premium range of sensors manufactured by Optex. We supply this range of products to our customers for both the sliding and swing range of operators. Purchasing could not be simpler; either purchase the automatic door sensor singularly, as a kit of products or as part of one of our competitive packages.

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