Powered doors, automatic doors, magic doors… whatever you want to call them. We’ve all seen them, we’ve all walked through them and most of the time we don’t give them a second thought. unless you’re considering having them installed on your premises.

But how do they work?

Every powered door needs some sort of trigger, something that triggers it to open and indeed close. A few types of these triggers are:

  • Push buttons
  • Pressure sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • ID/Fob Swipe

But then what happens? Well, this is when the trigger sends a frequency or message to the motor, which is connected to a power supply. This then swings the door open, or slides it open depending on your choice of door and the door will stay open until something tells it to close.

Usually, doors start to close again after a set period of time which is programmed in at the point of installation, but they can also be triggered to close by the same triggers that told them to open.

For instance, some doors in hospitals or other locations that have pressure sensors under the floor, will not close again until the pressure has been removed from the sensor. The same goes for motion sensors, if the sensor detects somebody is still in the doorway, the door will not close. This can be a handy feature where accessibility is key and where easy access is a prime consideration.

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