Hospital doors should provide easy access for all users, keep us safe from germs and not be an inconvenience for anyone trying to pass through. Automatic doors allow us to enter and exit a building without any manual work which is a great feature, especially for hospitals! As well as accessibility though, there are many other reasons these automatic systems should be installed and that is what is discussed in this blog…

Improved Hygiene

One great bonus automatic doors provide is improved hygiene. They are great hygienic doors and they allow us to pass through buildings without spreading germs onto door handles and then onto other people which is important, especially after the last 18 months we’ve been through. Spreading germs is something that can no longer go unnoticed. It is important we keep safe from germs, using automated doors is one way of doing this. We also can offer doors with hermetic seals, meaning that when they’re closed, none of those nasties can get in or out!

Increased Accessibility

Automatic door systems are a great choice for hospital doors as they offer increased accessibility for all users. For older people or some disabled users, opening a manual door can be a hard task. This is why we suggest installing an automatic door, for hospitals, the place that needs to be most accessible, arguably more so than any other public building.

Energy Efficiency

Our automatic doors are energy efficient as they utilise high-quality parts and technology to ensure that when compared to other automatic doors, they are energy-efficient, cost-efficient and offer longevity. This is a great additional bonus for installing these doors as it will save money and help the environment too!

Style Matters

As well as being beneficial for health reasons and providing access to all users, they also look great! They open with very little to no noise and provide a modern aesthetic to a building compared to an old heavy manual opening door. So if you are now asking, why choose a Label UK Automated swing system for a hospital door? Here is why:

  • Fits with a home, retail or office environment – we have a wide range of automatic doors which are perfect for hospitals!
  • Designed for easy accessibility – helps to make care homes, hospitals as well as other offices more accessible.
  • Easy to use and install – All Label doors allow easy installation and access.
  • Range of door opening options – We have several options for the type of door you choose whether that be manual, sensors or a button system.
  • Lower energy consumption – Our doors require low energy consumption and are only open when in use. This means less heating will be used which will save money and help the environment.

Installing a LabelUK Hospital Door

Are you unsure about how to choose a LabelUK door as you are unsure of how they are installed? Well, we have a list of trained experts who can install in areas near you. Did you know we also offer the opportunity for customers to get training? We will provide expert knowledge to enable engineers to complete first fix installations. So, whether you are in Northern Ireland, Scotland or anywhere else in the UK, we can provide you with training!

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In conclusion, automatic doors can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other germs which is great. They also offer users of all abilities easy access and help us save money and help the environment. Get in touch If you would like to find out more information about our automatic hospital doors.

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