Here at Label UK, we have a range of many different types of doors which we can offer your workplace, however we understand that not everyone knows what these door types are – therefore, we have created this handy Door Type Definition Sheet which you can refer to in order to find the right door for your specifications as quickly and simply as possible.

Sliding Doors Automations

Sliding Door Automations are quite simply an electric door system which slides open automatically as traffic approaches. They are a fantastic entry system for a wide range of buildings, such as hospitals, shopping centres, airports, banks, retail shops and many more applications – due to their high quality, noiseless, powerful and reliable operation.

Our range of sliding doors automations can be found here where you will be able to find the perfect door for your specific application.

Swing Door Automation

Similar to Sliding Door Automations – Swing Door Automations are also an electric door system, however, they swing open automatically as traffic approaches. They are perfect for healthcare facilities such as hospitals. Including swinging doors for care homes for elderly and disabled people, as well as in offices and public places, will offer you with a door which reflects the needs of the entrance through its performance – without reducing the functionality.

Our swing door automations are easily programmable which makes setting us easy and adjustments simple. Discover more of our swinging door range here.

Hospital Doors

We provide a range of doors for air tight applications, perfect for hospitals! They can be used for x-ray or radiology screening departments, as well as standing sliding doors to meet various applications in a modern hospital or clinical environment. To discover more about our range of hospital doors, including EVH and EVH-E doors, click here.

Fire Rated Doors

Our fire rated automatic doors are constructed from galvanised steel frames and have the functionality of a standard single or double automatic sliding door – with either an EI30 or EI60 fire certification. To find out more about our EVOLUS-TF range please click here.

Aluminium Profiles:

To compliment our extending range of sliding door operators, we also supply a range of aluminium profiles which offer different sections depending on the level of framework the client requires. Our wide range of aluminium profiles allows the client to create a different look for their building by designing a creative and outstanding entrance.

LB18: If you have sliding doors, the LB18 profiles are ideal for indoor use, or in setting requiring a door that takes up the least possible amount of space. Find out more here.

LB35: The LB35 profile is one of the most sturdy, light and versatile frames. This profile is perfect for doors which are being used in extreme conditions – where traffic and the number of environmental stresses are particularly high. Find out more here.

LB50: The LB50 profile has always been the most commonly used by large-scale distributors, in building with very high pedestrian traffic and in all crowd public spaces. The automated mechanisms of the LB50 profile are known and valued for their power, but also for the total control and silence they grant to the doors. Find out more here.

Breakout Systems:

Our breakout system is compatible with the LB range of aluminium profiles and provides a building with a wide opening escape route – should there require an evacuation. When the doors are linked to the fire alarm system, they will fail open and automatically slide to the open position. Even if the doors are not connected to the fire alarm system, they are hinged and so are able to be pushed open outwards to allow people to evacuate.

Not only are they extremely useful for evacuation and emergency purposes, but they are also a great system to have implemented into commercial applications such as garden centres, car showrooms, cafes, and much more where large items need to be transported. Find out more here.

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