Glazed fire doors are incredibly important, from workplaces to public buildings, fire doors can help protect those inside by creating a barrier between rooms if a fire breaks out. With our wide range of electric door systems, you’ll find the perfect match for your premises.

Health & Safety

With health and safety precautions becoming ever more difficult to meet, our range of glazed fire doors are sure to help you meet those requirements. If you own a property you want to be able to relax knowing those who are inside are safe. So, why not ensure their safety with an automated fire door to prevent injury or maybe (in worst-case scenarios) even death.

Fire Containment

Designed and manufactured with safety and reliability in mind, our EVOLUS TF range of fire rated doors have tough glass and dedicated control devices for efficiency and safety. This fire-resistant automatic sliding door has been built with a galvanised steel frame, double insulation mass, cover coatings, complete with Pilkington Pyrostop 60-101 glass and thermal expansion seals. The EVOLUS TF automation is controlled by a microprocessor, provided with safety sensors and a self-closing system. Not only that but the door closure is also granted even in case of a power failure by means of an electric lock and emergency battery.

Sure to prevent fire spreading, this glazed fire door will restrict fire to one room, giving those inside more time and a greater chance of escape. Additionally, containing it in one room could result in less damage to your property.

Our glazed and sliding fire doors are for use in fire containment areas, with all the convenience of an automatic sliding door and the peace of mind of a high speculation fire-resisting screen.

Trustworthy Design

The EVOLUS TF automation for sliding doors provides the most advanced hardware and software solution to ensure safety and reliability. Designed and built to the partitioning of high fire load environments, our selection of doors will be sure to provide the highest level of safety to keep your staff and building safe. With its glazed structure El 60, made of a load-bearing tubular frame in galvanised steel 20/10 and protected on two faces with asbestos-free, silicone cement slabs this fire door is of the highest grade and affordable.

To find out more about our EVOLUS TF fire safety door click here.

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