Whether you’re a hospital, care home, office or business premises, every entrance requirement is different. Automatic swing doors offer a simple, safe and flexible solution available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Whether it’s a single or double leaf application, aluminium, wood, or metal finish you’re looking for, Label UK’s range of automated swing doors will blend seamlessly into your design while giving the practical benefits you’ve been seeking.

Fitting an automated swing door from Label UK’s leading range allows your internal doors to move with fluidity and precision, ensuring easy door opening with minimal noise. Automated swing doors can either be controlled by sensors, radio, a simple push and go mode, or even manually with the virtual spring function.


Why choose a Label UK Automated swing door?

  • Fits within a home, retail or office environment

We have a wide range of automated swing doors available, so whether you’re looking for new automated swing security doors or simply automated internal swing doors, we have an option for you.

  • Designed for easy accessibility

Our disability function assists in opening and closing doors, helping to make care homes, hospitals, offices and business premises more accessible places.

  • Easy to use and install

All Label UK doors boast an intuitive graphic interphase which links directly to the automation control system for easy installation and monitoring.

You can easily access your interfacing and data exchange via our new safe and secure Label app, which is available on all smartphones.

  • Range of door opening options

Our doors can be controlled manually, with sensors, radio, or a simple push and go mode.

  • Lower energy consumption

Our new brushless motor helps to lower energy consumption, keeping costs down.


How do Automated Swing Doors work?

Arms carry the door which are operated by a brushless motor which was chosen for its incredibly low wear and increased durability.

This is powered by an electrical component unit which is fitted with the latest generation components to provide reliable performance while being highly efficient. The switching power supply means less energy is used to power door driving bringing cost savings for the user.


Find the perfect automated swinging doors for your application…

Choosing the right door for your needs is crucial. Our technical support engineer’s can help you choose the correct specification for the right application and our keen, competitive pricing formula make Label UK the engineers’ choice for swing door applications.


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