If you’re seeking a stylish and reliable fire door solution, an automated sliding fire door from LABEL UK could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Ideal for commercial and public buildings such as retailers, hotels, offices, hospitals and airports, the EVOLUS TF is our brand-new automated sliding fire door. This new offering ensures high quality design that will blend seamlessly to your building design while looking stylish and most importantly, ensures a high degree of safety and reliability in the case of fire.

The new self-closing fire safety door system is powered by microprocessor EV-Logic2-TF and safety sensors. Even better, in the event of power failure, door closure is guaranteed thanks to our EV-EBSFSET electric lock and emergency battery giving you peace of mind should the worst happen.

The benefits of installing a LABEL sliding fire door:

  • Extremely durable, boasting Pilkington Pyrostop 60-101 glass and a galvanised steel frame
  • In the event of a fire, the door will close, and lock shut
  • Latest in LABEL technology for automatic fire doors ensuring peace of mind
  • Built in emergency battery ensures door continues to work in case of power outage
  • Modern and sleek style that blends seamlessly into your building design
  • Available in RAL colours 1013, 3000, 5010, 6005, 7016, 7035, 8017, 9006 and 9010
  • Stainless steel finish available

How does it work?

The EVOLUS TF utilises Pilkington Pyrostop 60-101 glass and thermal expansion seals built with a galvanised steel frame and double insulation mass to ensure durability and has been designed for high fire load environments.

This product represents a real evolution in LABEL UK drives for automatic doors, where design, functionality and safety blend seamlessly to offer the perfect sliding fire door solution. Equipped with the most advanced hardware and software solutions LABEL offers, the EVOLUS TF ensures safety and reliability.

When a fire alarm is set off, the door is notified and closes, locking shut. In the case of a power outage, a built-in battery back-up system ensures the closure of the door, preventing possible fires from spreading and protecting those inside the building.

The safety of the EVOLUS TF has been certified by TÜV and complies with EN16005 European Standard, has passed all tests prescribed by EN13849 and those on electric safety for each single component.

If you’re looking to offer install the highest standard of sliding fire doors that offer safety and style, get in touch with us to find out more.

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