Sliding doors on the front of offices or shops are more of a grand entrance spectacle that makes walking into your place of business easy and visually interesting, but one thing we almost never hear of is an automatic disabled toilet door. But they do exist and we have them here at Label UK!

Introducing the Toilet Door System, enhanced with our range of automatic swing and slide products. Our disabled toilet door system is the system of choice due to its simple, easy to use reliable and adaptive design.

Not only is this convenient on a grander scale, but it can help those who live with limited mobility and require support when it comes to moving heavy, full sized doors.

One of the main issues with this type of toilet door is hygiene. Due to the nature of bathrooms and communal toilet space in offices and shops, touchpoints such as buttons are a hotspot for germs and touching these can have detrimental effects on health and hygiene.

This is why our “touch to open” button is incredibly easy to keep clean thanks to its SteriTouch anti-microbial technology, whilst also eliminating the need to touch a handle that potentially 100’s of people have also touched during the day, even those whose limited mobility may prevent them from washing their hands as well as they would like.

For further customer convenience, this system can be paired with the LABEL NEPTIS swing door operator or the LABEL EVOLUS sliding door operator. This will further enhance its incredible ease of use by choosing the direct opening and closing solution that will save the most space and cause the least inconvenience. For example; a tighter space requires a sliding solution, whereas a wider space could comfortably accommodate the 90-degree swing of a swing automation. Also creating multiple solutions to accommodate wheelchair access and access for carers.

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