Following the Coronavirus outbreak, automatic doors have become increasingly popular, in particular for the healthcare sector. Providing easy access and security is a universal requirement for any hospital, clinic or nursing home entrances. So, why are automatic doors ideal for the healthcare sector?


Every entrance has its own unique challenges, which often require an entrance solution tailored to fit. Thankfully, at LABEL UK we offer just that! From sliding door automations and swing door automations to aluminium profiles and glass clamp systems, our automatic doors can be installed wherever any automatic entry is required. Our doors are designed and manufactured to fit any application perfectly.


For nursing homes, the security and comfort of the residents is the number one priority. Regarding the main access entrance, an automatic sliding door that can easily open and lock, would be ideal. For other areas, such as hallways and living room areas, swing doors or interior sliding doors may offer a more functional solution.

What are automated swing doors? Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, when you choose an automated swing door over a manual door, you enhance your building’s accessibility, improve hygiene standards and ensure a barrier-free passage. Our LABEL UK automatic swing doors are perfect for any healthcare facilities.


Automatic doors at main entrances of hospitals and clinics allows for easy accessibility for all, including those with limited mobility. Oh, and they’re safe! Take our ETERNA automatic sliding doors for example, the ETERNA 150 is the new automation for sliding and telescopic doors, designed to ensure the utmost quietness, fluidity in movement and reliability. It uses less energy, needs less maintenance and less space is occupied – ideal for hospitals, clinics and the overall healthcare sector.

Silent automatic swing doors at the entrances of patient rooms reduce noise, so that patients can rest and sleep soundly. For isolation rooms, a series of automated swing doors provide an easy passage and can also help prevent the spread of infection.


Automatic doors are also ideal in non-patient areas, such as storage areas. Those who work in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics will understand the busy environment. High-speed automatic doors that can open and close quickly, enabling the free flow of equipment and supplies are ideal.

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