Automatic doors for disabled access are designed to make it easier for those with disabilities to enter a building without requiring the help of another person. They may be equipped with features such as automatic openers, smooth operations and lower thresholds that allow individuals in wheelchairs or using mobility devices to get through the doorway more easily.

These doors can also come with widened doorways and ramps that facilitate easy access to buildings. Doors for disabled access doors are becoming increasingly common as more and more businesses strive to create an inclusive environment that is accessible to all patrons regardless of ability level. LABEL doors not only provide better accessibility but also show a commitment to providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Why businesses need disabled access doors

By installing disabled access doors, businesses can demonstrate to customers and employees that they are committed to making their spaces accessible for all.

These doors also provide safety benefits, as they can help prevent slips and falls due to tripping on door thresholds or poor accessibility. Doors for disabled access help ensure that individuals with disabilities are able to get around safely and securely while minimizing the risk of accidental injury.

You have most likely encountered one of these doors in public buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centres or other locations where it is important that people to allow easy access. Doors for disabled access are also becoming increasingly popular and how a wide variety of benefits suggest why they are so successful and important.

They can be a vital part of creating a welcoming and accessible space for everyone, regardless of ability level. Manual doors can be heavy, and a very difficult task for certain individuals to open and pass through. By providing doors for disabled access, businesses and individuals show their commitment to making their spaces accessible to everyone.

How can LABEL UK help?

Here at Label, we can provide a range of different products that work perfectly. Many of our sensors are high quality microwave sensors, that quickly send messages to the circuits within the doors to respond to the movement and thus open or close the automatic doors. If you need disabled access doors, you’re in the right place.

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