We offer the unique opportunity for our customers to receive customised LABEL product training directly from our seasoned technical team. You will experience first class courses at our facility in Bridgnorth, where we will provide expert knowledge to enable engineers to complete first fix installations.

"The Complete Training Experience" - David R

We appreciate that the successful training of engineers is the key to consistent high standard installations which is why we always certify the graduates of the course.

automatic door trainingOur current digital programming system is recognised to be one of the best on the market for its ease of use for engineers on site with step-by-step instructions and multi-line display. Our focus is not only on the correct and safe application of our products, but ensuring your installation complies with all relevant EN16005 legislation and the Machinery & Safety Regulations Act.

Our training officers provide a personalised instruction course on automatic door training for a maximum of four attendees at a time, with the course starting at 9am and lasting approximately five hours. The training is conducted separately according to each product group: Next Swing, Eterna Slide, Neptis Swing, and Neptis Power Swing (which focuses on the SMP operators).

All aspects of set up, installation, programming, fault finding, and security are covered in the training which is designed around each product. We will customise the training according to your specific industry or commercial requirements (e.g. access control) if requested.

We also provide refresher courses for experienced installers that will focus on new software upgrades and current applications. There will also be videos and webinars posted on our engineer accessible area as they become available.



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