At Label UK, we offer the unique opportunity for our customers to receive LABEL product training directly from our technical team. You will experience first-class automatic door training courses. We will provide knowledge to enable engineers to complete first fix installations.

As a supply only company, we do not install or service our automatic doors directly. So, we prefer to train engineers and independent installers who specialise in LABEL products so your training will come from an advanced installer. If you would like to see your local Label UK accredited installers, please contact us.

Our Training

Whether you are from Nottingham, Newcastle, Scotland, or anywhere else in the UK, we can provide you with great informative training! Our current digital programming system is recognised as one of the best on the market. This is due to its ease of use for engineers on-site with step-by-step instructions and multi-line display. Our focus is not only on the correct and safe application of our products but making sure your installation complies with all EN16005 legislation and the Machinery & Safety Regulations Act.

Training Process

Our automatic door training courses will cover all aspects of set-up, installation, programming, fault finding, and security. We will customise the training courses according to your specific industry or commercial needs if needed. The five stages of our training are as seen below:


Automatic Door Training Courses

Our training officers provide an instruction course on automatic door training for a maximum of four attendees at a time, with the course starting at 9 am and lasting approximately five hours. The training is conducted separately according to each product group: Next SwingEterna SlideNeptis Swing, and Neptis Power Swing.

We also provide refresher courses for experienced installers that will focus on new software upgrades and current applications to keep them updated with any changes. So, you’ll never be out of date, should you go ahead and take the automatic door training courses provided.

Label UK Automated Doors

Here at Label UK, we have a variety of automated doors which combine the understanding of the marketplace with practicality and Italian flair. We distribute and sell our products in over 50 countries. When it comes to automatic or powered doors our pedigree speaks for itself. So, if you’ve just bought an automatic door from us, your customer journey doesn’t have to end there. We can support you, train you and best advise you on the treatment and operation of your doors.

Safety Information

We also offer an option for our customers to experience Automatic Door safety advice from our experts. We have videos that explain this in more detail. Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Sliding Doors and Occupier Safety Checks for Automatic Swing Doors. The ADSA Test Box can also be used during regular door maintenance inspections.

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If you are interested in getting our training directly from an installer or you would just like to learn more, view our training page. If you would prefer to speak to us then give us a call on 01746 768227. Or email us at

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