When it comes to implementing an automatic door into a business, whether it be offices, shops, hospitals or wherever… it can be a little daunting as to what to do with them at first. You just know that sooner or later they have to be set up and be in working order, but you may have no idea how to get to that point, especially if this is your first automatic door.

When it comes to our team here at LABEL, we believe that the key isn’t just providing someone with a quality automatic door for a reasonable price, it’s all about training too. That’s right, our goal isn’t just making sure the front of your business looks great, but also, we wish to train the key people who install our products so they can do so as quickly and easily as possible.

Whether you are from Northern Ireland, Scotland or anywhere else in the UK, we can provide you with training! All aspects of set-up, installation programming, fault finding, and security are covered in the training which is designed around each product. We will customize the training according to your specific industry or commercial requirements such as security or access control if requested.

Our current digital programmer is considered to be one of the best on the market for ease of use for engineers on-site with its step-by-step, multi-line on-screen instructions. Our products are designed for the market but not confined to specific criteria in that we are able to provide bespoke solutions for swing entrances, sliding doors and roof lights.

So, if you’ve just bought an automatic door from us, your customer journey doesn’t have to end there, whilst we can support you, train you and best advise you on the treatment and operation of your doors.

We also provide refresher courses for experienced installers that will focus on new software upgrades and current applications. You’ll never be out of date, should you take the training!

Be sure to view our training page here.

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