Automatic doors for buildings are pretty common in 2023, and you would expect to see them in most busy places. However, one thing we don’t necessarily anticipate is automatic disabled toilet doors, but they do exist here at Label UK.

The Label UK Toilet Door System is enhanced with our range of automatic swing and slide products. Our automatic disabled toilet doors are the system of choice due to their simple, easy to use reliable and adaptive design. These doors have several benefits for users listed below.

Increased Hygiene

Our automatic toilet doors have touch pads that are incredibly easy to keep clean thanks to their SteriTouch anti-microbial technology and eliminate the need to touch a handle that has been opened by 100s already throughout the day.


These doors are a massive help for disabled users or someone with limited mobility as it is a simple touch of a button for the door to open, compared to opening a heavy manual door that can potentially swing shut or not allow the user enough time to pass through the door making this a much harder task than automatic doors.

Easy Access

Our automatic disabled toilet doors are easily accessible compared to manual doors. This makes them perfect for people with disabilities and helps users in wheelchairs easily enter and exit the toilet.

Why Choose Label UK?

The Management team at Label UK have many years of experience in the automated door industry. This can assist our customers in making sound commercial decisions with regard to the best solutions to help them win their business.

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