As the world returns to work, automated door systems could play an important role in lowering the risk of infection. Automated door opening ensures that there is no contact upon exit or entry of internal and external entrances and are a popular choice within schools, health centres, hospitals, shops, and office buildings.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of our automated door options to help reduce contact and slow the spread of Covid-19.

Automated Sliding Doors

Our ETERNA 150 is our new automation for sliding and telescopic doors. The ETERNA range was designed to ensure silent operation, fluidity of movement, reliability and of course, hygiene, thanks to contact free opening.

The sliding door system has a high loading capacity, excellent durability requiring less maintenance and the sliding door system is a popular choice for environments with limited space.

Automated Swinging Doors

Our NEPTIS doors have a range of new automation systems for swing doors and are available in a range of models and finishes to meet market requirements and ensure touch free door opening.

Uniquely the NEPTIS powers the door open and shut as standard with an integral spring to close the door in case of power failure.  This is especially useful with heavy security doors or access control applications with electric locking and an integral spring opening system incise of power failure.

We understand it’s not only about increasing safety and reducing contact with door handles but also finding the right door solution for your market’s needs.

The ETERNA, NEPTIS and NEXT lines are fully compliant to the latest safety standards of the BS EN16005.

Touchless Switches for Easy Door Opening

The major benefit of utilising touchless activation is the reduced hand contact with outside door handles, something we are all seeking to reduce as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Even if an individual were to come into contact with the door pad, our anti-microbial finishes which are on a number of our switches ensure that bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, will not survive, bringing you peace of mind.

With anti-bacterial switches sense activation from up to 50mm away, there is no need for contact with the door pad whatsoever.

Anti-Microbial Switches

We stock a range of switches with anti-microbial finishes using SteriTouch® technology. The results of SteriTouch® technology are tested in an independent laboratory and proven to be at least 99.9% effective.

The door pad switches are non-scratch, non-porous and anti-reflective to control the growth and transmission of bacteria.

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