First of all, if you aren’t sure what Glazed Fire Doors are, you can read one of our previous blogs here for details, but quite simply… a glazed fire door is a door that has been glazed with fire rated glass, materials and coatings.

Despite being built specifically for fire protection, we often still get questions about fire doors regarding how safe they actually are and how they are used properly to provide the most protection against fires and them spreading.

Over 3 million fire doors are fitted every year in the UK and every single one of them has to be installed properly to give the most effective fire protection, this is no different for glazed fire doors. This means your first step is to always get the door from the right company (us) and potential systems installed by a professional. Doors are a little bit more complicated than they look, especially fire doors, as they have to be fitted to constrict airflow to the outside that would otherwise spread fire to different rooms.

Fire rated glass allows light to come into your office or place work, allow people in your office to look out of the window in clarity, whilst offering protection in terms of containing fires, as well as being able for use as a main entrance, indoor doorways or lab doors. For this reason, they are a really popular choice, but how safe exactly are they?

Bottom line – Are Glazed Fire Doors Safe?

Yes. When installed correctly, glazed fire doors offer ample protection. It’s worth noting however, that glazed fire doors should not be a replacement for a genuine fire escape plan and making all of your employees aware of the plan and the assembly points. These doors merely act as a way of buying you and your employees more time to escape and limit further damages caused by spreading fire and explosions.

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