There are many benefits to installing automated doors. One of the biggest benefits is that buildings become more accessible for users of all abilities. The sensors placed in the door enable it to open when they sense someone in close contact. These internal disabled doors are becoming more popular for companies that want to provide disabled access doors – but how do they help and are they important?

How are automatic doors more accessible for disabled users?

Today, internal disabled doors can be found in just about every commercial building. This is beneficial for wheelchair users or anyone with a disability, as the automation saves them the hassle of needing to open a heavy door or having to ask for assistance. Here is a list of some benefits of these kinds of automated door products:

  • Effortless and quiet operation
  • They can fit into existing doors
  • Easy to use for users of all abilities
  • Longevity once fitted

Why use Label UK for your disabled access doors?

Here at Label UK, we know what it takes to create automatic doors for any situation where they are required. We have created products for use in hospitals, shopping centres, airports, banks, office based companies, retail shops and more applications. Furthermore, we test our products at the San Pancrazio headquarters in Parma. We ensure that we supply the absolute best quality, so we can provide the best internal or external automated doors.

Automatic doors are also a great assistance to the elderly who struggle to open doors or who would normally require help. They also provide support for those with pushchairs, children or just have their hands full. They are a welcome addition for the general public too as they help us stop spreading germs – a problem highlighted by the recent pandemic.

Requirements by law for disabled access

There are many laws and legislations surrounding disabled access doors that can be read in further detail by reading ‘Government Legislation and Disabled Access Doors‘. But in short, every company with at least one disabled employee should have a disabled access point to the building. Likewise, you can read more about the requirements here.

How can we help?

At Label UK, we have a range of automated products. So, if you are looking for disabled access doors, look no further. If you wish to contact us, you can call us on 01746 768227. Or if you prefer you can fill in a contact form with your message and we will get back to you!

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