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A Leading Manufacturer and UK Supplier of Door Automation Systems

Originally founded in 1980 as a laboratory electronics manufacturer, the company has developed over the years and established itself as a door automation manufacturer and solutions innovator.  In the mid-90s, LABEL developed their first automatic door control unit and within five years they launched on the market their first automatic sliding door operator.

Expanding its range of automatic doors with new products that gained recognition all over Europe as prestigious and high-quality as those manufactured by competitors that had been operating on the world markets for a longer time.

In the following years LABEL kept pursuing its market-oriented strategy and in 2009 it established LABEL Ingressi, a company aimed at allowing LABEL to produce complete door framework solutions for its end users.  All products are designed, conceived, manufactured and tested at the San Pancrazio headquarters, in Parma and production process stages are carried out and directly managed inside the company.

In 2014 LABEL completed the acquisition of J.M.D. LIMITED with headquarters close to Birmingham, that has been the exclusive distributor for over 10 years and was re-named as Label UK Automatic Door Solutions Limited as a growing commitment to its customers and prospects. Its widespread support network and growing presence on international market allow the company to carry on its mission with confidence, determination and satisfaction and to offer the market a fast effective service, training to meet the needs of the next generation of engineers as well as a cutting-edge product.



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