Bi parting sliding doors are very common in most public spaces and busy areas in today’s busy world. Essentially, these doors are when each side of the door slide in opposite directions at the same time. Our Eterna 90 offers several benefits when compared to other sliding doors.

1. Easy Access

With silent movement and the help of automation, Label sliding doors allow easy access. Our doors are effortless to use for all users and create a much nicer experience for people who may struggle to use manual doors. Also, with the past 2 years and having faced COVID-19, it’s important that we offer people opportunities to reduce contact with things such as public doors. Label doors help prevent this by having the option of no-touch doors to decrease the chance of germs/bacteria/viruses from spreading.

2. Less Energy Used

Bi parting sliding door systems enable your workplace to stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Automated doors that are fitted with composite gaskets offer optimal thermal insulation which acts as weather and sound barrier to keep dust and drafts out.

3. New Brushless Motor

At the heart of our system, the new brushless motor is able to minimise consumption both during operation and in standby mode. These doors all feature this brushless motor to offer the highest quality and innovative designs to our customers.

4. Security

Another important factor when deciding on new installations is security. You want to ensure the building you will be installing these doors into offers easy access, but not to unwanted visitors. Our bi-parting sliding doors are carefully designed to provide the utmost durability and security.

5. Safety

You can now purchase sliding door systems that come installed with shatterproof safety glass. Shatterproof safety glass is ideal for retail outlets, hospitals, airports or any other busy workplaces.

6. They look great

As well as offering all the functional benefits listed above, another important feature is bi-parting sliding doors will make your building look modern, slick and provide a luxurious feel to the building. What’s the use in having all of the above features but the doors being ugly? With Label bi-parting doors, that’s never an issue.

All our Label automatic sliding door products ensure a high quality, a noiseless, powerful and reliable operation which results in the longevity of the product in all applications. If you would like to enquire about our products, then feel free to contact us.

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