Sliding door systems provide buildings and us with several benefits, in terms of style and their functionality. So here are five reasons why you should look into using automatic sliding doors…


Number one on the list is the safety that automatic sliding doors provide. When purchased they are now installed with shatterproof safety glass which makes them ideal for retail or any other buildings in a busy location. Also with this time of year, burglaries are much more common, as it is the period in which the rate of break-ins rises by up to 20%. Due to this statistic, it is a good thing to be prepared and improve the security and safety of the doors in your home. 

Easy Access

The next benefit of these doors is that they are improving accessibility for all users. As LABEL UK doors can work based on a no-touch operation, they make it much easier to enter and exit buildings. As well as helping people with mobility issues, it also helps pushchair users or just people who are in a rush.

Improved Hygiene

As well as offering easy access, sliding door systems can also improve hygiene. This is due to the fact we don’t have to touch the door/button to open them, meaning we no longer spread germs/bacteria/viruses to one another via busy doorways. This is a huge benefit for us, especially after the past 18 months + we have all been through. It is now more important than ever that we stay safe and stop the risk of spreading germs, these doors are a great way to do so!

Energy Efficient

LABEL UK doors are energy efficient as they utilise high-quality parts and cutting-edge technology to ensure our automatic sliding doors are cost-efficient and offer longevity. Also, another great bonus is our sliding door systems only open when someone is close by or triggers the opening. This means the heat inside the building stays inside, reducing heating bills over time.

Natural Light

The final benefit we will be talking about is that these doors provide great natural light. This is due to the extra-large panes of glass on the sliding door systems. These doors will brighten up any room which is a great feature for any building for our mental health and just for lightening up the room! 


  • Our range of automatic sliding doors are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.
  • Single or double-leaf options are available.
  • The automated operator is easily adapted to suit a variety of installations including locations such as airports, hotels and hospitals.
  • LABEL EVOLUS automation is provided with the most advanced hardware and software solutions to ensure safety and reliability.
  • LABEL EVOLUS complies with the EN16005 European Standard and has passed all tests prescribed by EN13849.

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